Harvest House Care Unit

The goal of fostering is to provide a safe and consistent environment for our islands’ foster children and youth as they cope with a difficult situation. Fostering can definitely be a trying time for all involved.

To help, Harvest House would like to provide an opportunity to meet the direct needs of Guam’s foster community by:

  1. Creating a Care Unit Facebook group for people to join who are interested in PROVIDING services or goods to our island’s foster community.
  2. Creating a request form that will help connect those in the foster community who have specific needs with our Care Unit group who can help meet those needs.

Interested in Providing Help?

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Who Can Submit a Request?

  • BOSSA Social Worker
  • Licensed or Court-Ordered foster family
  • Relative placement for a foster child
  • Shelter worker
  • Biological family needing services to secure reunification
  • Court appointed advocate

How Do You Submit a Request?

  1. Request a need by filling out the form below.
  2. An approved request will be posted to the Harvest House Care Unit Facebook group.
  3. A Care Unit volunteer can respond by fulfilling and meeting the need.
  4. The requester will be contacted when the need is met and will be given instructions for donation delivery/pickup.

*All requests will be sorted and approved by Harvest House staff.

What Need Is Being Requested?

Please fill out the information below for the client needing help: